Private Lessons and Group Classes


For people who wish to learn about Tai Chi Chih and would prefer a slow, steady pace, then a class of of up to 6 people would be appropriate. These group classes are offered at the office of

In Touch Massage Center, LLC

448 Lakehurst Road, Suite 2A

Toms River, NJ 08755


Private Lessons (Fast Track)

For people who wish to enhance their lives and would prefer to work one-on-one, at their own pace, on a customized schedule, and with specific attention paid to individual needs, private lessons may be arranged. Pravate lessons may be arranged at your home or at my private studio

Tai Chi Cha Studio

Located in the offices of Jersey Shore Electrolysis

488 Lakehurst Road, Suite 1A

Toms River, NJ 08755


Customized Classes

Customized classes with a specific focus (i.e. stress reduction, improving balance to reduce falls) or location (ie. your senior center or gym) may be arranged. The lesson of Tai Chi Chih may easily be adapted to target groups of children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, or people with health conditions (i.e. heart disease, arthritis, etc.).

For additional information or to arrange a class or lessons, contact Tony at

732-349-8015 (home)

908-910-7919 (mobile)


Tony is an accredited Tai Chi Chih instructor and fully insured.